The Sydney Opera House is a World Heritage-listed masterpiece of ‘human creative genius’ and an icon that belongs to all Australians. It is the Country’s number one tourist destination and its busiest performing arts centre, welcoming more than 10.9 million visitors a year on-site and hosting more than 1,800 performances attended by more than 1.4 million people. Deloitte has estimated the total cultural and iconic value of the Sydney Opera House to Australia at $6.2 billion.

Sydney Opera House
EAM, Work Safety, Contractor Management & Integration


The Sydney Opera House (SOH), a Mainpac client of over 20 years, use BCAT (Building Condition Assessment Tool) to provide SOH field technicians with 2D plans derived from 3D modelling of the SOH to clearly identify assets and record condition assessments. BCAT asset condition assessments also capture timestamped photographs, voice recordings and any additional relevant asset condition details.

Mainpac EAM is used as the SOH Building Maintenance system and is where any work originating from BCAT is required to be created, planned and scheduled.

Manually rekeying BCAT data into Mainpac EAM would increase the likelihood of an incorrect asset selected, details not being correct or missing and unnecessarily consuming resource time with data entry.

Any integration between BCAT and Mainpac EAM would need to consider: 

  • The correct alignment of asset data
  • Work raised as an output from an asset condition assessment would need to include timestamped photographs, voice files and additional relevant details


Real-time integration service from BCAT to Mainpac EAM was determined as the most appropriate solution, this eliminates the need to manually rekey data and ensures asset alignment.

SOH and Mainpac worked to identify key mappings and integration points between the two systems. The integration ensures that:

  • Asset alignment between systems is up to date and accurate
  • Work requests are created based on condition assessment information including;
    • Timestamped photographs
    • Voice files
    • Additional details 
  • BCAT initiated work requests are routed to the Planner for further action

“Mainpac delivered the integration in a timely and professional manner, this reinforced our confidence in Mainpac, both in terms of their familiarity with our business and willingness to deliver the most appropriate outcome.”


“The Mainpac EAM integration with BCAT has facilitated a significant increase in information captured in the field. This has resulted in improved decision making, more timely rectification of maintenance issues and improved staff productivity.”