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Understand Your Assets

When spreadsheets are no longer enough, you need Mainpac EAM – an effective, robust, and reliable solution to your asset management needs. Whether you are running a small business or a multinational company – Mainpac EAM will help you stay on top of everything.

Mainpac Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a best of breed asset management system that has been described as the easiest to use EAM system around. Backed up by our depth of functionality, user-controlled configurability, and robust scalability, Mainpac EAM enables every organisation to improve operational effectiveness, reduce maintenance costs, and deliver sustainable Return on Assets (ROA).

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Comprehensive EAM features include

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    Operational Views

    Structure and separate asset data to suit an organization’s requirements, business rules, operational or financial structures. An operational view may represent project, business unit, policy repository or another entity requiring its own configuration, data ownership or security.

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    Work Orders

    Forecasting utilizes task frequency rules and work method templates to generate planned maintenance work orders for assets. Unplanned maintenance is supported with internal work requests, defect recording and breakdown orders. Support budgets, work order cost estimating and actual cost recording. 

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    Operational Asset

    Build a complete asset record including asset details, specific attributes, usage meters, spares list, cost history, and links to full work history.

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    Labour & Resource Management

    Provided roster management, authorizations, and qualifications management for internal and external customer sites. Labour resources, tools, equipment can be allocated to maintenance activities within capacity and compliance constrains.

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    Spares & Inventory Management

    Support flexible stocktake and reorder policies, replenishment planning, internal and external recquisitions, issues, returns, stocktake, inter-warehouse transfers, and costed transactions.

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    Purchasing Management

    Includes management of multi-currency supplier catalogues and supply agreements. Automatic consolidation of requisitions by supplier and integrated receipt and invoice matching processes reduce clerical effort and purchase costs.

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    Criticality Assessment Tool

    Criticality classifies asset by their impact upon business operation, productivity and profitability, and helps prioritize resources for critical assets. The tool provides a graphical matrix approach to define asset criticality. 

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    Maintenance Strategy Tool

    The selection tool builds on the criticality tool to ensure a consistent approach is applied to determining the optimum maintenance strategy for assets. A configurable question and question approach guides a user through the decision tree and ultimately determines the recommended maintenance strategy.


Our product provide a unique range of benefits

  • Asset Control

    Track and manage asset availability and performance through a central asset and financial data repository promoting greater transparency across the organization. Apply maintenance strategies according to an asset’s criticality.

  • Cost Reduction

    Cost reduction through improved maintenance practices and consistent processes across all business unit

  • Improved asset utilisation

    Improved asset utilisation at high availability enabled by more optimized operations and maintenance planning

  • Reduced inventory holding costs

    Reduced inventory holding costs through tightly integrated maintenance planning and inventory management processes

  • Increased efficiency

    Increased operational efficiency by improving access to comprehensive asset data.

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“Since we implemented Mainpac EAM, we’ve gained confidence in our maintenance practices meeting corporate and regulatory requirements.”
Athena Rhae, Planning and Control Manager