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Expert EAM software for Public Assets and Facilities Management

Effective public assets and facilities management requires visibility across the portfolio; control over maintenance, compliance and refurbishment plans and insight into the service level’s utilization, condition and costs.

Mainpac’s facilities management software EAM is used by public asset management companies to drive down operational costs and provide visibility and control over facility maintenance, compliance and investment programs. Clients are able to make strategically correct decisions based on up-to-date, highly accurate information – having the correct level of detail and accuracy right at your fingertips.

Features we provide include :

  • See all essential information regarding trade and non-trade inventory and transactions
  • Planning with both planned and reactive maintenance,
  • Management of spare parts and inventory
  • Work orders and the electronic approval of requisitions and purchase orders
  • Flexible asset management platform that enables the management of assets by either location or custodian or other customer defined criteria


Develop your Strategic Asset Management Plan to make major investment programs decisions using the ISO 55000 framework

Benefits to bank on

Data driven facilities management

  • Visibility and Control

    Provide visibility and control over facility maintenance, compliance and investment programs.

  • Better contractor scheduling

    Keep a better schedule of contractors. Know who is working on which asset, and when.

  • Improved Predictive Maintenance

    Capture condition data which can lead to improved predictive maintenance. This leads to reduced maintenance costs.

  • Improved Equipment Availability

    Ensure your equipment is available for operation when and where you need it, by ensuring people and resources are available for maintenance.

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Our public assets expertise

At Mainpac we have assembled a fine team of professionals to deliver solutions to meet the growing challenges of public assets and facilities management. Every team member was selected because they bring unique industry, technical and commercial skills to our products and services.


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