Ports America is the largest container terminal operator and the stevedoring service provider in the United States, operating in more than 42 ports and 80 locations. Their operations also include container, bulk, breakbulk, military, project, auto/RoRo, cruise and intermodal.

Ports America as a container terminal is very asset heavy enterprise and managing all these assets effectively and efficiently is critical. To that end, Ports of America was seeking a right solution partner for their Enterprise Asset Management.

Ports America
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As a head of Terminal and Business Solutions at Ports America, Stanley Canepa’s task was to effectively and efficiently manage all of their fixed and mobile assets.

“We manage all types of cargo and for that we need a variety of assets from anything from large gantry cranes to RTGS and all the way down to the little forklifts to move on general cargo”.

For this reason, Ports America have hundreds of millions of dollars of investment. Effectively manage the assets with all this huge investment, it’s critical not only into the financial performance but it’s critical to safety too.

“Providing effective not only preventive maintenance but also moving forward with predictive maintenance is crucial for having all these assets available to operations at the right time, at the right place.“


Ports America realized they need to be operating all their fixed and mobile assets seamlessly in the cost efficient way, ensuring each container is picked up and then being transitioned either into storage or taken out of the gates of the port to attend destinations as quickly as possible. In regards to maintaining those assets, they needed a system which ensures compliance over the safety and operational viability of the asset.

“We had the greatest degree of confidence in the Mainpac, both in terms of their familiarity inside the knowledge about our industry and have ability and the willingness to develop a true strategic partnership with customers”.

To get Ports America started, Mainpac began carefully inspecting their sites and equipment, ensuring asset management solutions are tailored for their specific needs.
Mainpac then integrated Mainpac EAM with Mainpac Mobility EAM, an additional module for field based staff for automation and productivity.
Mainpac EAM system was also seamlessly integrated with Oracle and other 3 party systems used by Ports America.


A launch of Mainpac Enterprise asset management products was successfully implemented and was met with great satisfaction from our client end-users. Ports America can now operate all their equipment seamlessly in the cost efficient way, improving the customer service.

“Mainpac has made an impact in our business by giving us visibility into assets at an enterprise level. This allowed us to understand a fleet and the cost and where we have assets allocated.”

“Mainpac Enterprise Asset Management also gives our sites the ability to have visibility into the equipment availability and it make sure that we can move towards a more predictive style of maintenance. It is a platform for us to drive continuous improvement in Enterprise Asset Management day in day out in continuous journey.”

In Mainpac, we deliver the ability to ensure assets are available, safe and profitable to operate with the ultimate focus from a corporate standpoint of getting a greater return on asset.