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Top ten most popular FAQs

What is a difference between EAM and CMMS ?

Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) have very similar goals but they also have slightly different sets of functionality. The main functions of a CMMS include automating maintenance scheduling, managing company inventory and work orders plus maintaining an asset tracking database. While EAM provides a holistic view of an organization’s physical assets and infrastructure throughout their entire lifecycle, from design, commission, or procurement, through to operation, maintenance, disposal and replacement.

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Why Do you Need EAM system ?

EAM system allows businesses to have one place where all their asset information is stored and utilized, communications and appropriate staff access can be streamlined and consolidated whether you are tracking machinery assets, parts, financials assets, facilities management or even IT devices. Businesses can expect a greater return on investment in your assets, which in turn will free up funds to be used elsewhere when needed, and boost your overall business profitability.

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How does an onboarding process of EAM looks like ?

The below outlines the process that Mainpac follows ensures a successful project implementation :

Project Commencement
Process Design & Configuration
Integration Design
Integration Build
Data Preparation and Load
System Integration Testing
Standard Operating Procedures
Train Users
Test & Deploy

What does having Mainpac products costs ?

Depending on the individual business requirements consult our sales team and we will assess your needs and provide a cost estimate.

What is ISO 55000 ?

ISO 55000 is a suite of international standards focusing on Asset Management, and originating from the British Standards Institute’s ‘Publicly Available Specification 55’ (PAS 55). The ISO Standard which was released on January 15, 2014, has now largely replaced PAS 55 as the default global standard for best practice in Asset Management.

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EAM or CMMS ? Which one is for you ?

Any business that has production facilities, facilities or a fleet of vehicles can benefit from a EAMS or CMMS. EAMS are generally more expensive than CMMS because they are designed for larger, multi-site companies and so usually deliver a much wider scope of functionality and features than a CMMS. With this in mind, a CMMS is typically deployed by small businesses because the investment is lower across all attributes of the application, while EAMS are typically deployed into larger businesses with high user counts and multiple locations.

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Why you should only be buying concurrent user licenses ?

The most important advantage of concurrent-licences is the flexibility it offers. They are usually more expensive than per-seat licenses, but they offer more possibilities.

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Why is Mainpac better then it’s competitors ?

Mainpac has pioneered EAM solutions for over 30 years. We are an agile and responsive partner rather than a large corporate, delivering flexibility and true partnership approach. In contrast to our competitors, rapid deployment of Mainpac products leads to faster ROI, shorter payback, significant quantifiable financial advantages and reduced project/deployment risk.

What does asset maintenance involve?

Effective asset maintenance involves the effective scheduling of maintenance activities so that repairs are planned and carried out in an appropriately timely fashion, assets are available for work activities as often as possible, productivity is continuous and the life and expected operation of the asset is extended.

Therefore, a robust approach to asset maintenance will:

  • Pinpoint causes, failures and redress functionality
  • Offer reliability centred maintenance (RCM) possibilities
  • Trigger preventative and/or predictive maintenance
  • Generate safety and warning notices automatically
  • Create the possibility for accessibility via the web and mobile options for remote places
  • Link and integrate with project management and asset management systems.

Does Mainpac offer training and post-sale support services?

Mainpac offers a comprehensive range of training to enable customers to optimize their Mainpac knowledge. Training areas include:

  • Mainpac Optimization
  • Administration
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Reports
  • Data Loads and Templates
  • Process Design

Mainpac’s professional services team have diverse knowledge in a range of Asset management and IT topics. Speak to our team and we will discuss your needs and provide the best training solution.

Mainpac offers its clients a professional support service for all software products where there is a current maintenance agreement in place.

The service is located centrally in Adelaide and available during normal working hours of 9am to 5:30pm (AEST) Monday to Friday (excluding SA Public Holidays).  Ad hoc after hours assistance is available by prior arrangement.

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