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Transform mining with asset management analytics

Mining companies face evolving challenges as they move from initial exploration and investment planning activities to construction, extraction and resource delivery.

Using Mainpac solutions, mining and resource companies around the world manage extensive asset portfolios with diverse operational, age and condition profiles. They have benefited from improved asset utilization and productive throughput, reduction in major component failure/cost, improved efficiency in fuel and tyre usage and reduction in commercial risk through improved insight into medium to long term asset portfolio performance, cost and risk.

Develop your Strategic Asset Management Plan to help make decisions on whether to own or operate assets, and when to replace, refurbish and dispose of assets, using the ISO 55000 framework.

Benefits to bank on

Data driven mining operations

  • Increase Revenue

    Increase revenue through increased production and reduced downtime. Ensure your equipment is available for operation when and where you need it. 

  • Increase Capital Efficiency

    Accurate planning and scheduling is used to track and manage asset availability and performance, leading to improved efficiency and capital reduction. 

  • Reduced OPEX

    Reduced operating expenditure (OPEX), as a result of reduced production costs and overhead. 

  • Reduce Operational Risks

    Reduce operational risks by reducing asset risks and improved health & safety programs.

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At Mainpac we have assembled a fine team of professionals to deliver solutions to meet the growing challenges of mining & resources industry. Every team member was selected because they bring unique industry, technical and commercial skills to our products and services.


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