asset intelligence


Derive value from your asset data

Mainpac Asset Intelligence ( AI ) serve as your guide in choosing the right path to operational efficiency, sustainable growth and long-term success. By utilizing company data from multiple sources, AI provides clear insights enabling businesses to make informed, operational, tactical and strategic decisions.

Data Analytics solution focused on Asset Intensive Industries, combining :

HTML5 application with Visual Analytics through Power BI
Asset Domain Specific Data Model and Business Logic
Higher data quality for assets in resource planning
Machine learning to develop predictive algorithms
Cloud based deployment using latest technologies

Comprehensive AI EAM features include

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    Reliability Services

    Enables overall assessment of reliability and maintenance of the asset portfolio.

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    Information Gateway

    Insights into the value of asset portfolio to enable service delivery objectives over the whole asset lifecycle. 

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    Lifecycle cost analysis

    Determine when to replace or retire assets through insights into asset cost and performance

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    Asset Portfolio Management

    Tracking of asset, demand and performance. Determine when to replace or retire assets through insights into asset cost and performance.

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    Capital Planning & Budgeting

    Decision framework and scenario analysis, allowing your organization to allocate capital fairly for the most effective investment on the asset portfolio. This module will help identify organization’s investment gaps so they can be addressed.

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    User friendly dashboards

    Colour coded, configurable, graphical visuals for birds eye view of the asset portfolio with the ability to drill down into detailed reports.


Our product provide a unique range of benefits

  • Maximize Return on Asset

    Maximizes return on asset by driving increased asset productivity, reliability and cost performance.

  • Asset Performance

    Visibility over the lifecycle of an asset

  • Asset Insights

    Visibility of the asset portfolio cost, performance and risk.

  • Ageing Assets

    Analyze risks associated with ageing assets.

  • Informed decision making

    Facilitate strategic, tactical and operational decision making through historical and current data

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started

Mainpac has made an impact in our business by giving us visibility into assets at an enterprise level.
Stanley Canepa, Ports of America