architecture summary


Architecture Summary Service

Mainpac EAM is designed, based on an open architecture and a Browser/Server technology that follows the three-tier structure, which includes the data layer, the business layer and the presentation layer.

These layers communicate through the internet or an intranet.  Based on the 3-tier structure, the platform operates in a user-friendly Windows-based environment and the connection among users complies with the Browser User Interface (BUI) models – allowing the exploitation of all net- place capabilities with the use of any desired web browser.

The technologies used in the implementation of this application are .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Javascript, etc.. The use of such technologies, enables the separation of the rational presentation of the applications from that of business, whilst the developing application is accessible by the internet browsers.

technology that follows the three-tier structure

data layer

The first tier data layer includes the application’s database and the connections with all the other external systems, namely an external database for the recovery and storing of data.

business layer

The second tier business layer consists of the business logic. The architecture of this level can be divided and analysed further into the connection mechanism with the database interactions.

presentation layer

Finally, the third tier presentation layer concerns the clients and consists of a standard Web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.).