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Energy & Utilities Asset Management Solutions

Mainpac’s Enterprise Asset Management ( EAM ) solutions are used by energy and utilities companies to ensure their infrastructure are able to meet diverse challenges.

Our energy and utilities asset management software is a welcome addition to your collection of innovative tools that optimize business processes, provide the data you need, and help you make informed decisions. You have the problems; we have the solutions.

With growth in demand for energy in emerging economies showing no sign of slowing – and renewables taking the place of more traditional energy sources in developed economies – operators face a mix of demand and cost challenges. While these drivers are different, effective utility asset management plays a big part in addressing the needs of power generators.

Benefits to bank on

Improve the efficiency of physical assets

  • Asset Availability & Plant Performance

    Mainpac delivers the capture and analysis of real time data driving higher levels of equipment availability and plant performance.

  • Improved Predictive Maintenance 

    Capture condition data which can lead to improved predictive maintenance. This leads to reduced maintenance costs.

  • Improved Safety & Regulatory Compliance

    Availability and analysis of technical data for field operation and field service lead to improved governance, safety and regulatory compliance. 

  • Reduced Costs

    Reduce costs through periodic optimization achieving better maintenance.

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Our energy & utilities expertise

At Mainpac we have assembled a fine team of professionals to deliver solutions to meet the growing challenges of energy & utilities industry. Every team member was selected because they bring unique industry, technical and commercial skills to our products and services.


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