Enterprise Fleet Management Software

Proper fleet maintenance is an important and complex task for any business. As a vital tool in the provision of services to clients, a fleet must be in operation and utilized as efficiently as possible – at all times.

Use Mainpac fleet management software to keep your vehicles on the road, and increase the life of your fleet. Using Mainpac solutions, fleet management companies achieve improvements in the availability and reliability of vehicles, and transparency of communications. They have also benefited from integrating with advanced analytics to assist in making operational planning more reliable.

Mainpac EAM products improve fleet management strategies and allows organizations to access and make available real-time information to dispatch offices and other drivers. Solutions cover

  • vehicle management
  • condition monitoring
  • scheduling of repair and maintenance services
  • predictive maintenance
  • optimization of fleet staffing, loading and routing, real-time fleet tracking and reporting

Develop your Strategic Asset Management Plan to help make replace, renew or dispose decisions using the ISO 55000 framework.

Benefits to bank on

Keep your vehicles on the road, and increase the life of the fleet.

  • Improve Efficiency

    Mainpac provides fleet tracking software for identifying and recording the variable running costs in fleet management, enabling you to improve efficiency in fuel and tyre usage, service quality and asset utilization.

  • Effective Maintenance

    Decisions made with accurate data will enable the most efficient and cost effective maintenance to be carried out. Reducing the cost of major component failure and commercial risks while utilizing predictive maintenance.

  • Reduce Fleet Downtime

    The accurate and real time data collection provides identification of a driver behaviour and environmental influencers enabling informed decision making and scheduling of maintenance tasks.

  • Cost Reduction

    Optimization of fleet staffing, loading and routing, real-time fleet tracking and reporting are able to achieve cost reduction of a fleet.

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Our fleet management expertise

At Mainpac we have assembled a fine team of professionals to deliver solutions to meet the growing challenges for your fleet. Every team member was selected because they bring unique industry, technical and commercial skills to our products and services.


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