New City Commercial Corporation (NCCC) in the Philippines choses Mainpac EAM to manage its’ extensive and geographically distributed portfolio of assets.

NCCC is a home-grown retail chain based in Davao City. NCCC operates an extensive and geographically distributed portfolio of facilities, plant and equipment thorough the Philippines in the Davao region, Manila, and Palawan. NCCC is looking to optimize preventive maintenance processes, and effectively manage their assets throughout their lifecycle.

NCCC ( New City Commercial Corporation )
Facilities Management
Preventive Maintenance, EAM


Mainpac Enterprise Asset Management software provides NCCC with an optimized preventative maintenance approach, which meets OEM and safety compliance requirements, better visibility and control over inventory and spares.

In addition, Mainpac also provides streamlined and governed purchasing process, central cost visibility of all maintenance, alignment of physical and financial asset registers by managing both in a single solution. Mainpac addresses NCCC’s requirement of easy to use, can be rapidly deployed and integrates with its financial system.

About NCCC

For the last 30 years NCCC has been busy expanding its malls, supermarkets, hardware and department stores all across the Philippines.

NCCC prides themselves in providing safe clean stores and malls, and are known for being a fun destination for all the family and the leading preferred in their area of operation. Their goal is to offer high quality customer service and value for money.

NCCC aims to keep their operations simple, efficient and profitable so as to continue to generate employment in the communities in which they are present. They continue to create and maintain mutually beneficial business relationships with their suppliers and service providers.

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