Blackmores Group is Australia’s leading natural health company,  ASX publicly-listed company employing 1200 people in 13 markets across Asia-Pacific. Blackmores develop high-quality products and services that deliver a more natural approach to health, based on expertise in vitamins, minerals, herbs, and nutrients. Blackmores operates multiple facilities, including a 16,000sqm warehouse with dozens of equipment and facility assets.

Blackmores Group
EAM, Mobility EAM


Blackmores was facing the challenge of managing production equipment and facility assets, including the associated maintenance and calibration activities within a highly regulated pharmaceutical manufacturing environment. 

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is one of the most heavily regulated industries. Therefore, Blackmores are challenged with a variety of regulatory compliance and government-mandated requirements that add cost and risk to their business. They must maintain strict quality management and detailed product documentation to meet customer specifications and regulatory requirements.


The solution for the maintenance of equipment and other facility assets was provided by Mainpac EAM, which includes the Maintenance Strategy tool. This feature builds on the criticality tool to ensure a consistent approach is applied to determining the optimum maintenance strategy for assets. A configurable question and question approach guides a maintenance team through the decision tree and ultimately determines a recommended maintenance strategy. 

Mainpac EAM features also include Work Orders, Spares & Inventory Management, and Labour & Resource Management among others, that help to maintain quality management and detailed product documentation to meet Blackmore’s customer specifications and regulatory requirements.

Calibration is a crucial factor, especially for organizations related to pharma manufacturing. Mainpac EAM automates the process of keeping track of all adjustments required in each piece of equipment, which makes calibration up to date and optimized. 


Mainpac EAM supports the engineering department in its requirement to comply with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice, as is required in the pharmaceutical manufacturing environment. The engineering department is confident that it is adhering to principles of data integrity as a result of the use of Mainpac EAM.

“We chose Mainpac over other providers because Mainpac EAM is supported locally, and this has resulted in an excellent support regime. The Mainpac staff have been proactive in assisting the Engineering department with the requirement for regulatory compliance” says Bill Smillie, a senior quality associate at Blackmores Group.

Blackmores have now been using Mainpac Enterprise Asset Management software for nearly 20 years.

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