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How to ensure the successful implementation of an EAM

The benefits and return on investment of an Enterprise Asset Management implementation correspond with the appropriateness of the EAM software package selected, how effectively it is implemented and the extent ...

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Measuring Machinery & Equipment Breakdown Duration

A common problem for Engineering teams is to measure – and report – on the duration of equipment breakdowns. This deceptively simple metric leads directly into calculations of overall equipment effectiveness (O...

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Industrial Asset Intelligence – The future of EAM’s

What is Asset Intelligence? Asset Intelligence is a software tool that allows an organization to draw insights from different data sources at once, integrating them into a detailed set of analytics in a sing...

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How To Reduce Reactive Maintenance in Facilities ?

What is reactive maintenance? Reactive maintenance is any work that has been marked as urgent for immediate attention, it could be planned or unplanned work. In the area of facilities management this could be s...

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Establish successful preventive maintenance strategy in 5 steps

A large part of keeping a company running efficiently and profitably is ensuring that all equipment and machinery is operating optimally. To do so, preventive maintenance needs to be conducted. When small maint...

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Successful EAM system implementation within your business

An Enterprise Asset Management system – Otherwise known as an EAM – offers significant benefits for organizations, it is crucial for success that it is implemented effectively if its benefits are to be fully re...

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Integrating EAM with your existing Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP )

What is an ERP? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Reference to a system or software used by an organisation to manage the routine business activities such as manufacturing, procurement, project manag...

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How Enterprise Asset Management system can save you time and money on administration costs

In the world of business, time equals money. Time is so valuable to a business that anywhere that an organisation can save time then enables that organisation to drive efficiencies to reduce costs and therefore...

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Identifying Critical and Non Critical Industrial Equipment

When it comes to maintaining industrial equipment efficiently, it’s important that you always prioritize those assets that are the most critical for the operation of your business. This will ensure that you max...

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use IT Management Software

Businesses have become conglomerates of automated systems driven by a few skilled people. Whether it is the employees, the customers, or the vendors, everybody is accessing information about how well you are pe...