How Enterprise Asset Management system can save you time and money on administration costs

In the world of business, time equals money. Time is so valuable to a business that anywhere that an organisation can save time then enables that organisation to drive efficiencies to reduce costs and therefore focus on improving services.

So what is one way an organisation can save time (and money)? A good Enterprise Asset Management system (EAM) can save a business both time and money on administration costs through:

Data Integration with Asset Intelligence

Imagine having a system where you can make quick management decisions in regards to your company assets as all the source information needed is filed in one place, ready to access at any time. With the ability to save time on decision-making, a business is able to return back to “getting the job done” sooner and more efficiently. The longer a project takes, for example, the more money it will cost the organisation and all parties involved. Management is able to predict the effect of capital asset decisions on financial performance and convey all information clearly to stakeholders as needed. Asset budget planning and scheduling is a breeze with Asset Intelligence as Mainpac and similar softwares offer a budgeting and forecasting business intelligence tool that provides detailed planning and forecasting functionality, saving time by your accounts staff meaning that they can work more efficiently and productively.

Mobile Device Solutions

If you’re a project manager working for a large construction company with multiple machinery assets, how often are you going to be working in the office? Or more importantly, as management, how often would you like your project manager to be “popping back to the office” throughout the day to sort out paperwork and input data. Is this an efficient use of their project time? Especially when sometimes a trip to the office, just in driving time, may be more than a two hour trip! Is it best for them to be leaving the project unsupervised for periods of time? As a project manager most of your day should be spent out on site ensuring that the job is running smoothly and efficiently. How can you overcome this issue of time wastage?

Factory engineer using digital tablet in the factory
Factory engineer using digital tablet in drinks production plant

The Mainpac Mobility module this extends the value of enterprise asset management ( EAM ) to field staff, such as project managers, with tablet devices. Being able to access and input data via a tablet device onsite, increases asset reliability and improves staff productivity and enables better in-field decision making. Further, Advanced EAM Mobility allows field staff to continue to work even when connection to the server is not available. Staff continue to work with the client server within the device, and when they do return back to the office and to the wireless network, the device with synchronise to the main server. Enabling new data to be uploaded and downloaded efficiently.

Administration Staff Efficiency

Whether you’re a large or small business, all organisations need administration staff. Though depending on what systems you have in place, you could easily cut down on the amount of staff needed to perform tasks. For example a construction firm may have a receptionist, an administrative officer or three who do the filing and paperwork, update the manual spreadsheets for asset maintenance and repairs, they then may have another offsider who works part-time assisting in those tasks, plus inputs all the maintenance invoices and receipts. Then an office is never complete without a business financial accountant or two, who creates all the budgeting, forecasting AND looks after the accounting for all the assets – they may also have an offsider who assists part-time. The list goes on. With Mainpac EAM there is less need for so many administration staff, because the staff you do have will be performing their daily tasks much more efficiently, creating more space in a work day, due to the decrease in manual handling of responsibilities.

What Mainpac can do to assist

Mainpac EAM enables a business to stay on top of their game when it comes to asset maintenance, scheduling, repairs and replacements. Our aim is to enable any organisation to improve on their operational effectiveness, reduce maintenance costs and deliver sustainable Return on Assets over the medium to long term. This includes cutting down on administration costs. Whether it be cutting down on the amount of staff needed, eliminating the use of paper filing, or reducing the time it takes to perform their daily tasks so that the business can experience solid growth with the staff you retain. Mainpac will assist you with the best practice advice for your business, whether you are large or small.

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