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Predictive Maintenance

Characteristics: Maintenance based on an asset condition

Predictive maintenance involves a condition-based process, forecasting when a physical asset failure can occur and facilitate maintenance at the right time. This is achieved through monitoring the condition of the asset through data from machine sensors and smart technology to alert the maintenance team when a piece of equipment is at risk of failing.

Even though predictive maintenance can be carried out via visual inspections of equipment, but the effective way to establish a predictive maintenance strategy is by using an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) to track sensor data or meter readings.

In the recent times, digitalization via the Internet of Things (IoT), has aided in the improvement of predictive maintenance routines.

Advantages :

Provides insights into asset behaviours through time-based condition monitoring

Most leading causes of unscheduled downtime

Aging Equipment 44%
Operating Error 16%

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