preventive maintenance


Maintenance is scheduled before a defect occurs

Time based proactive approach, involves performing periodic inspections, preventive maintenance prevents machine failures from occurring. This model keeps assets more efficient and extends their operable life, avoiding unforeseen breakdowns. Preventive maintenance appears costly and time-consuming at the beginning, it most often proves to be a solid return on investment by reducing the number of major breakdowns as well as the asset’s downtime.

Traditionally, maintenance teams relied on preventative maintenance schedules provided by the manufacturer, including regularly replacing asset components based on a suggested timeline. However, these timelines are only an estimate of when an equipment will require service, and the actual use of the equipment can significantly affect the reliability of OEM estimates.

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Benefits of preventive maintenance

  • Reduction in maintenance costs

    Lower equipment maintenance costs by allowing you to catch small issues before they turn into major problem.

  • Reduction in machine failures

    Reduce the number of unexpected and catastrophic equipment failures by approximately 55%.

  • Prevent major repairs

    Address small problems over time, which can prevent major problems and make maintenance less expensive and easier to handle in the long term.

  • Improved operator safety

    Early warning of machine and system problems reduces the risk of destructive failures, which can lead to injury or death.

  • Improved visibility

    Preventive maintenance strategy provides visibility of routine maintenance and any statutory compliance requirements.

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