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Industrial Asset Intelligence – The future of EAM’s

Asset Intelligence is a software tool that allows an organization to draw insights from different data sources at once, integrating them into a detailed set of analytics in a single database. This, in turn, enables a business to make decisions in regards to their assets in a much shorter time frame.

Why do we think Asset Intelligence is the future of EAM’s?

Honestly, who has the time to go backwards and forwards between paper records, spreadsheets, accounts systems, job projects sheets etc – All to try and fit it all into another giant spreadsheet to make comparisons, forecasts, planning etc. Especially when there is a much easier way. Time is money, so why not cut down on staff time and improve their efficiency!

This exceptional tool allows businesses to predict the effect of capital asset decisions on financial performance, all the while helping the organization to organize and take control of all their capital expenses. Managers and staff can generate and compare costs for multiple planning scenarios to work out the best plan of action to give the best return on investment.

Due to the detailed reports that can be generated from ONE single database, the information gathered will be more reliable, more streamlined, and maximize productivity of not only your assets, but also your staff who manage and maintain them!

With Asset Intelligence you will be able to analyze the reliability and productivity of all your assets, as well as work out quickly the cost of asset repair to replacement ratios. You will be able to analyze the cumulative cost/benefit against breaking even. With predictive analytics, you will be able to connect your daily operational metrics with corporate strategy and performance – giving you more control over your organization and overall finances.

In business, everyone is looking for a better way to do things. Why not have a look at Mainpac’s Asset Intelligence module? As having that extra piece of efficiency within your company, may also give you that extra piece of advantage over your competitors in the long run.